Preparing for Maine Sea Duck Season!

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Decoy Inspections

It’s that time of year again when we replace, repair, and repaint our many decoys in anticipation of the upcoming sea duck hunting season ahead.  In addition, we meticulously go over every inch of our boats and gear to assure that they will perform flawlessly throughout the season.

Routine maintenance is a very important part of our operation.  The environment we operate in is very harsh and hard on our equipment.  Even with the best of efforts, occasional gear failures occur.  We suggest recreational waterfowlers thoroughly inspect their gear before the season as well.  A few hours spent checking decoys, outboard motors, firearms, etc. is time well spent.  I know plenty of hunters who have said that ” the gear was fine when I put it away at the end of last season”, only to find a decoy or two floating way from the spread due to a faulty knot, or an outboard motor that refuses to start on opening day morning.  We have much invested in our sport and those little mishaps can be costly.

We are looking forward to the upcoming season.  All indications point to another great Maine sea duck hunting season ahead! We still have a few dates available for booking your Maine sea duck hunt.  Some prime dates in early January have become open and will offer great opportunities for trophy birds during one of our best periods of the season.  Let us know if we can work for you!

The season is right around the corner and we wish all our waterfowling friends a safe and happy season ahead!






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